Ballet shoes


The most inportant item worn by any dancer are their shoes. If their shoes do not fit exactly correct and comfortable, class time and effors will suffer. Ballet slippers should fit like a second skin. For practical training purposes the best are made from good quality pliable leather. Canvas slippers are lightweight but do not have the give and form fitting appearance that leather slippers do. Size is all important as too large a shoe is sloppy, with the toe ends of the slipper curling up and the largeness not conforming to the arch of the foot. A slipper too large hinders the view the teacher has of the pointe in the foot. Also a slipper too short will cramp the toes.

Pink slippers, for girls, are the norm, since they blend in with the line of the leg in pink tights. My preference in brand of  ballet slippers  is Capezio and secondly Bloch. These two brands are well made and form to the dancers foot perfectly when fitted correctly. It is best when buying new ballet slippers to be fitted by a salesperson who is trained in fitting dance shoes. Usually a reputable Capezio dealer. Some Capezio shops sell Bloch shoes also.


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