After The Show Is Over……


on stage


As a Dance Educator, what do you think of after the final show of the season is over? When the curtain closes and your work, ideas and creativity have come to the finish? How do you feel about the production, your work and the effort that the dancers and yourself have put into it.? What did you think of the overall final performance?


For me, I always have mixed feelings…

I know that my dancers ALWAYS do their best. They are trained that way throughout the year. I never doubt their ability, their confidence or their joy of being on that stage. I have full confidence that they know their choreography, their placement and their cues. I am in love while watching them fulfill what I have created for them to perform on that stage…their special day.

For me, as a Dance Educator, I sometimes question myself when I see error in our productions. I know that the audience doesn’t see what I see from the wings or back stage or dressing rooms. I know that they don’t know that there was a problem or the mistake that I see. I know that the audience is enjoys seeing their loved ones on that stage and are happy their dancer is up there doing their best.

But sometimes, I question myself. I wonder if I gave my all to make the performance wonderful. Should I have chosen a different costume? Was the music just perfect for that age group. Was the blocking just right? Was the choreography too hard.? Was the scenery constructed properly? (yes in small studios the teacher/choreographer is in charge of set construction) Were the stage hands given proper cues? Was there too much delay between numbers. There are so many questions that go through your mind as the show is going on and as the Dance Educator.

But one feeling is a sadness that it is all over. Yes…I am sad….

I have to reel my thoughts in and sit back and think about what had transpired during that performance. I have to come to the realization of the “crash” of the excitement of the final few weeks leading up to the performance and come to realize….. what is this dance life all about? I have been involved in recital for as long as I have memory….I need to think, what am I here for if I find flaw in what I see happening during our performances.

I know…..

I am here to teach children how to dance…(most especially ballet…the most important dance form). I am here to teach them the discipline of dance, the health benefits of dance and keeping fit. I am here to teach them to work as a group. I am here to create a love of dance in their hearts and to hold on to for the rest of their lives, as I have been instilled in me.  But I think that most of all I am here to put happy memories in their lives that I hope they will cherish for ever.

For me…. I am feeling saddness that it is all over…as I think any dance educator will also agree…

BUT ……..we get to do it ALL over again next season……

Thank you to my dancers for being a part of my life …you keep dance alive in me always….and that is what being a Dancer Educator is all about. And that is what I feel …..

After The Show Is Over

after the show

2 thoughts on “After The Show Is Over……

  1. What a moving post! I think that you have summed up what every educator feels “when the show is over” so beautifully and it has brought tears to my eyes. Your love of the dance and your love for your students is so apparent as we have watched you share your amazing gift with them over the years!

    • Oh thank you MemoryKeeper for your kind words….we have watched each other through trials and triumphs through out educational journeys…may it be homeschooling or dance, Missionettes, or Nature Study….the journey sometimes is tough…. but in the outcome it was always worth it!

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