Performance Prepardness – Lips, The Outline Of A Smile

red lipstick


Your lips will outline your smile, so making up your lips is as important as the creativity you use on your eyes.

Just as your eyes will create a facial impression so will your lips. 


I like when a lip liner pencil is used to outline the natural shape of your lips. Your lip liner pencil should be the same shade or one shade darker than the shade you plan on for your lips. It will give your lips definition and shape. A creamy, matte lipstick is best for stage makeup application, as excess shine that glossy lipsticks provides is both distracting and wears off more quickly.

Normally a deep red lipstick is used, but that also depends on your skin and hair type. I prefer almost a maroon or cranberry color. These color choices go well on darker skinned or olive skinned dancers, those dancers with dark hair. For lighter skinned dancers and dancers with blonde or reddish hair, a dark pink lipstick should be used.

To Begin:

Take a wash cloth and rub it in circular motions over the lips. This increases circulation, giving the lips a natural rosy glow, and also exfoliates any dead or chapped skin that may make color application uneven.

Then apply some lip balm. Lip balm will provide a great base for lip color. It will smooth and sooth the lips, and also enhance the colored lipstick once it is applied.

Apply lip liner pencil first along the outline of the mouth, then fill in the lips with lipstick. Line the outside of the lips, following the natural lines and curves, stretching the lips out as you do so to prevent creasing or feathering. It should be the same shade or one darker than the lip color you intend to use.

Now fill in your lips with lipstick. Use a Q-Tip to adjust the color. Blot to remove any excess by pressing down on a tissue placed between your lips. Make sure to avoid blotting too many times as this will remove too much of your lip color.

Be very careful with applied stage makeup, especially with lipstick, when you are changing your costumes as not to smudge the lipstick or other face make up or get it on your costume or someone else’s costume.

Applying lipstick concludes our discussion on stage make up. Remember that stage make up is to brighten and define your face under stage lights. You will look quite made up in natural lighting ….that means you did it correctly……

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