Performance Preparedness – Applying Face Make Up, The Foundation

applying foundation


In our series of Stage Make-up Application, we will concentrate on the face…..

Today we will discus how to apply face make up for dancers for the stage. Young dancers, that is 3 to 6 year olds, may not need as much as an older dancer would, since they may not be able to tolerate sitting for any length of time to apply it. They may not like the feel on their face. But….ALL dancers who will be performing under stage lights, no matter what the age, needs some facial make up application.


To begin our make up application first we need to pull your hair completely off the face with a hair band, then wash and dry your face. If your skin is particularly dry you may need to apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Foundation, Face Powder and Blush
When choosing a foundation, find one that matches your skin tone, when blended in and doesn’t leave a definite line between makeup and skin, if it does, its probably too dark and needs to be lighter.

First dot the foundation all over your face and then with circular motions, rub the foundation into the skin, making sure your whole face is covered, including your nose and eyelids. Blend it well into your skin around your hair and jaw line and fade it onto your neck so you don’t see a line where the make-up starts.

You can apply your foundation with your fingers, or you can purchase a make-up sponge. Dampen the sponge very slightly. Still apply dots of foundation first to the face and then use the sponge to blend in. With time and practice you will develop a preference.
After applying stage makeup, pat the face powder all over your face. Then, taking a large make up brush, gently brush off any excess face powder. This will help set the foundation and avoid shiny faces on stage, especially noticeable under bright stage lights.

Next to apply is your blush….

Choose a rosy color for your blush. Pick the shade that would contrast best with your skin tone and color of foundation you have chosen. Blush can sometimes be tricky to apply to young dancers who don’t have pronounced cheekbones. A powder blush with a brush is best. One way to apply blush to young dancers is to ask them to suck in their cheeks. This will allow highlighting the cheek bone to be easier. When applying the blush to your face, brush the blush from the cheek bone near the ear, running along the bottom edge of the bone (feel it with your fingers) to end just before the bone ends. Blend in slightly.

Our next post will concentrate on the eyes….expression is most effective with good eye make up design…..




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