Performance Prepardness -Stage Makeup; Collecting Your Items

dancers makeup


Dancers who are new to the stage don’t always realize the importance of stage makeup. If enough color or feature definition is not applied, your face will look washed out under stage lights, no matter what your skin tone. Lips, cheekbones and especially the eyes need to be accented. The primary object of make-up on stage is to accentuate the dancer’s features as well as define the eyes and mouth, which would otherwise appear flat and featureless under the glare of modern stage lighting. No face is immune from the necessity of make-up on the stage; without make up, your face is shapeless, colorless, and has no identity. Try using cruelty free make up products when ever possible.

Always remember that your stage make up is personal and should not be shared. Especially eye make up. Eye disorders, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) is easily transferred from dancer to dancer by sharing eye make up.

A list of tools are needed for make up application:

  • Foundation – matching skin tone
  • Face powder – matching foundation
  • Blush – browny/peachy/maroon color
  • Makeup brushes
  • Q tips – for quick smudge clean up
  • Tissues
  • Mascara – black
  • Black and white eyeliner
  • Lipstick – red or dark pink
  • False eyelashes – optional
  • Hair band – to pull hair off your face for make up application

As you collect different pieces of dance make-up, and make up tools, it is best to keep your stage makeup separate from everyday make-up. That way each time it is needed you know you have it all in one place and don’t need a last minute panic trip to the store to buy more. You will need a make up case to keep it in and to take it to all of your dance performances for any last minute touch ups. A nice sized make up box like a Kaboodle, has trays and compartments at the bottom. This advantage makes it easier to find things rather than one big bag. Some dancers like to use a fishing tackle box. They have a good clasp, 2 or 3 trays with lots of compartments to separate lipsticks from shadows, mascara, etc. Use the bottom for things like hair nets and bobby pins, safety pins and needle and thread.

Begin collecting your make up items now while there is no rush to get them….practice using them at home before that big day…….

Our next discussion will be how to apply all they things you have bought.

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