Your Investment In Time

ballet black and pink 2

It is said that as a young girl, Margot Fonteyn, one day saw a poster of a ballerina and asked her mother who it was “That is Anna Pavlova.” her mother replied, “The greatest dancer in the world.” Margot answered, “Then I will be the second greatest.”

All dancers need this confidence, though they may not all grow up to be a Prima Ballerina. Nevertheless, even though they may know they will never make it to the top, many dancers feel they have achieved their life’s ambition through dancing. Ballet is exhausting and time consuming, but it is also exciting and creative and many dancers become totally dedicated to their profession. Ballet is a whole world of its own.

A dancer’s life needs a lot of self-discipline, so it is important that you learn to be independent. For example, try to look after your own dancewear, and make sure they are always clean and in good condition. Be sure you have everything you need in your dance bag for the day’s classes. Give yourself a brief moment to relax and put yourself in the right frame of mind before you begin class Doing these things for yourself will help you to feel more confident and self assured.

Once class has started, listen carefully and try to keep your mind on what you are being asked to do. A good teacher will know how to keep your interest by occasionally re-arranging her syllabus, being creative and allowing you to think. Your teacher is there to guide and assist you through difficult moments, but there are many ways in which you can help yourself in this respect. For instance don’t be tempted to talk to other dancers, because that means you are not listening to your teacher and are also disturbing someone else’s concentration, besides your own.mic pointe class

Your teacher will correct your movements from time to time. Try to understand why and work hard to get it right. Pay attention to other dancers’ corrections because they may apply to you. There is no better way of learning to dance than studying with other people who are equally interested and motivated to succeed. Learning in this way, you can judge your own progress and can compare yourself with others.

Although, it requires tremendous effort, your ballet class should also be fun and something to be looked forward to. How much you enjoy it can be greatly helped by interesting accompany music. Listen to the music, don’t just do your specified choreography step for step, just counting and not paying attention to the music quality. The music will affect how you express yourself in dance. After all, dance is an art.

Sometimes, you may feel that you are not progressing quickly enough, but be patient and trust your teacher. Years of experience will have taught her to watch your development and to decide on the right pace for you. Doing too much too early can be more damaging than being held back a little.

ballet dancers at the barre

Working in a disciplined way will not only help you achieve much in your dancing; it should also assist you in other areas of study and generally prepare you for life in the future. Any professional dancers will tell you that good concentration and sense of self- discipline are absolutely essential qualities if you re in intending in to take dance seriously or for just life in general.

In any case have fun! Ballet is good for you…..

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