Christmas At A Country Dance School

Christmas is on the way. It is on the way everywhere! For us at L A Dance Academy it has been on its way since June. You see, many of the dancers and dedicated parents and all of the teachers, have been very busy, working hard, to produce a benefit Christmas show. A show to benefit the people of Edmeston and generally the surrounding area, to have just a little better Christmas. To possibly put some food or extra special help with comfort to those who may not be able to do so.

However, the best gift will be given right back to those who helped to put this show on. You see, this show was put together by with LOVE, dedication, and determination. Time given to the dancers from the teachers so they can learn the choreography necessary to get this show on the road. Time given from the dancers busy lives to learn the choreography. As you all know, kids these days are involved in everything! Time from the parents to shuffle their children back and forth to the studio for their rehearsals. Time from the parents who put in the effort to organize all those fundraisers to pay for costumes. Time is a very special gift to give.

But mostly, I believe, that this benefit Christmas performance, it teaching our dancers, that we have a special talent to give to someone. Dance should not only be thought of as a selfish talent.  A “Hey, look at me, I am gorgeous” or “ Hey, I am great, I won 1st place at a national dance competition”.  In other words, who cares? But when a dancer gives of the heart, and not for a “look at me attitude“, this is something special! Something to be proud of. This is what dance was meant to be. To give to others.

We at L A Dance Academy, call this special gift of dance, Dance To Make A Difference. This is the case. We put forth effort, hard work and talent to produce something of value. Something that just doesn’t only last a minute, but will be in someone’s heart forever . When we dance at Pathfinder Village each spring, using the same slogan Dance To Make A Difference, presenting some of our dance pieces of the previous Revue, there are smiles from our audience as they are drawn into our dance pieces and story ballet. And afterward is the best part….hugs. Hugs from our audience. The laughs and smiles that come from them is priceless. This is what dance is all about.

What I am trying to say is, teaching dance is not just the physicality of it. Not just the graded syllabus of ballet. Not just the costumes, lights and stage make up. It is giving your talent to others, to the dancers, to the parents, and to your audience.

Dance is an emotion, dance is heart felt …….and I feel blessed! Give your gift of dance…..

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