Look Like A Dancer, Feel Like A Dancer

At this time of the year I  felt a need to discuss the uniformity of a dance class.  The new dance season is upon us with a freshness and excitement of the next level of  dance classes coming up. The topic of dancewear is so important to unity in class, but some dancers don’t realize this important part of the the dancer’s appearance.   

Some schools are lacked in the appearance of their dancers during class time. Allowing for different colored leotards and tights, tee shirts worn over leotards, stylish bras being visable and the like. Some schools say, that it allows for the dancers to be “an individual”. The problem with that maybe that dancers may be “individual” as need be when they are outside the danceroom, why do they need to be “individual” in the danceroom? Yes, they are considered individuals to their teachers, but need to dance as one.

Individual dancewear choices distracts from learning procedure. It distracts attention from unity in the mirror. Individuality has nothing to do with learning to dance. Unity does.

When performing in an ensemble on the stage, aren’t the dancers exactly clothed alike? Would a dancer even allow a portion of an undergarment to be seen from the audience? Why should it be different protocal in class? Professionalism is the key word here. The local dance school should always follow professionalism in all areas in order to teach their dancers that important quality.

Keeping in mind that uniform is a form of discipline, which is also the case of dance, escpecially ballet…All dancers should read the re-post from February 2012, below or re-read it if you have already.

If one is recognized by one’s clothes then a dancer who looks like one goes part of the way in convincing people that they are a dancer. If apparel proclaims the person, a change of apparel proclaims a different person. What better idea than to change into ballet clothes and feel like a dancer? The dancer’s attitude in class will be one of elegance and confidence. Proper dance clothes will also teach students discipline, helping with overall focus and energy. By “dressing the part,” dancers feel like dancers.

In a traditional ballet class room, black and only black leotards are the norm. Pink tights sometimes along with a skirt totally completes the dress. Pink ballet shoes that fit properly are essential.

Dressing in black leotard and pink tights ensures that the teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer’s mistakes. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible.

There is no better treat for a teacher to look into a mirror and see a class dressed in black leotard and pink tights. Looking into the mirror seeing several different colors of leotards and tights just makes for disorganization .

3 thoughts on “Look Like A Dancer, Feel Like A Dancer

    • Now that it is October, dancewear in class has become more uniform and I believe the classes are more disciplined. Thank you for your thoughts. They are always valuable to me. : )

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