Beginning A New Dance Season

As the new dance season begins, you will want to be prepared for your first class. Although, hopefully, you have been taking class all summer, September always has a newness about it. Dancers always want to be prepared with new dancewear and new dance shoes. It is nice to have a new leotard and fresh new tights with no runs in them to begin the season. And wonderful to have new pointe shoes without a “mushy” box. The teachers always look forward to a properly dressed dancer. Who is going to be in my new classes? What will our new barre work be? You can’t wait for the new combinations across the floor and center. Excitement and anticipation for the new dance season to begin is so much fun!

Most importantly, as a dancer should prepare your mind. Prepare yourself for the next dance level. A more difficult level than the previous year. Dance should never get easier, it should get more difficult each season you begin. You should always feel challenged, and only accomplished to a degree, in that you are more pleased with your technique in the steps and choreography you have learned previously, but you should always feel that you need to improve what ever accomplishments you have already made. In ballet especially, there is always someone out there working harder to produce beautiful ballet technique. If you keep that in your mind and remember Michal Baryshnikov’s quote” I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself”, you will remember that you can always improve your technique.

Taking multiple ballet classes will do just that. With this thought in mind, first register for your level class, then decide on lower level classes so as to refine what you learn and to build and correct your technique. Taking multiple lower level classes gets you to put the foot in the correct position, or fix that arm in the por de bra. Not having to think about the steps being taught, you get to focus on what direction your body is to face and how you actually look.

Never be concerned with who is in your class. That actually has nothing to do with you or your progress. You are there for you and no one else. You get out of your classes exactly what you put into to them. Have faith in that your teacher knows what placement is best for you. You should never dictate to your teacher where you think you belong. She knows her classes and what is to come in the year and most of all, as your teacher she knows you!

With these thoughts have a wonderful dance season. I myself am anticipating a great year with lots of excitement. Enter your new classes with that thought in mind and you will too. I will be posting more technique posts as the months progress….

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