Dance Not For Ourselves


Those of you who are dancers know that you have been given a gift. A gift always makes you feel good. To be able to share that gift makes it all worth while to have it. As a dancer, you get a “feel good feeling” when you dance in an annual recital, revue or concert. The audience you have invited to come, enjoys seeing you dance on the stage. Also, you get that most amazing feeling when you dance in competition and when you place or are given a special award it is even better!

Dancers are known to want to share their gift….. always. Some so much, that they make it their lifetime career, either as a professional dancer or teacher. They train and practice and go to class faithfully to try to improve on the gift that has been given them. It is just how they feel inside. “Dance not for fame or glory …..but how you feel inside”

How does dance make you feel inside? Does it make you feel important, accomplished, or satisfied? Does dance give you a feeling of being fit or making your body tone in amazing ways? But are these things selfish? Are you dancing for yourself? Are you just dancing because you love it? Which is really not a bad thing at all…..

Dance not for ourselves ….is a point I am trying to make. Don’t lock your gift in a closet and take it out just to show someone that you can dance. Take your gift out to do good.

At the studio where I am privileged to teach, we have a motto and that is “Dance To Make A Difference”. Dance to make a difference in someone’s life. Share your gift to those who need to see it! Those who will remember it always, that you gave your time to share your talent just for them.

Coming up this month is an annual event which I truly believe in. Pathfinder Village, a Downs Syndrome community in our town, permits us to come and entertain their residents. It is one of the most rewarding times of the year! To see the expression on the audience faces and the happiness that they feel when we go there to share our gift is “priceless”. The residents just feel so involved in each and every dance piece we present. Our annual story ballet from our revue, just draws them into the story, that with each and every action move the dancers make, the audience feels that emotion! The energetic jazz and acro pieces excite the audience, also. And when our little show is finished, we get to talk to the audience and hug them and hold their hand……something that they truly enjoy, human contact.

In past years in New Jersey, I took my dancers faithfully to visit nursing homes, retirement villages and veterans hospitals. The dancers never failed to put a smile on the residents faces. To be able to share the gift of dance with someone who is truly entertained is amazing.

This year, L A Dance Academy, the studio where I call home, will be putting together a Christmas Show to raise funds for underprivileged families in our community. Mostly the entire dance studio is involved for the mammoth undertaking. Excitement is lifted as we put together this performance and our dance family gives their time, effort and support so that we the dancers and teachers of L A Dance Academy can give our gift of dance to our community.

Our anticipation is that we will bring a bit of Christmas cheer to our audience, a little more experience to our dancers and most importantly, to make a family facing crisis, a bit more comfortable. If you are a dancer, reading this post get yourself involved to use your gift to lift someone’s “spirits” …..

Dance To Make a Difference!

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