The Importance of Summer Class

I can not stress the importance of  summer dance class especially ballet class. Now I am not saying to do ballet on the beach, in the sand, but that summer is not a time to slow things down in dance education. It is a time to take class without other pressures, try new classes, improve technique and just keep in shape. I strongly encourage all dancers to take class over the summer months.

 There are so many benefits to summer class:

  • Staying in shape. It is said that it can take a ballet student up to a full week to reach the level of strength gained from just one missed class. Dancers should keep their bodies in shape by dancing during summer, just like they can keep their minds fresh by reading during summer vacation.
  • Keeping your dance vocabulary current. Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of a ballet class. Foreign words are often forgotten when not heard regularly. It is important to maintain the new vocabulary that has been heard and learned over the past dance year.
  • Preparing for the next level of dance that you will be beginning in the fall. Keeping up with technique is vital. Dancers have a hard time improving technique when there is too much time taken off.
  • Summer is a great time to try out a new dance style, to see if you like it and may want to continue with it in the fall. 
  •  During the warm summer months, the body spends more time gaining strength and flexibility and less time warming up at the start of class. More can be accomplished with a body that is ready.

If your dance school does a Christmas production, the Nutcracker or variety Christmas show, by taking summer class, you will be physically ready for it. Most schools begin their Christmas productions during the end of July and most certainly the month of August. Without class for a month or two, will you be ready for it? Casting and choreography is normally completed during those months so that rehearsals may begin once the fall classes start and new dance levels need to be focused on.

 Dancers who normally are active during the fall to spring dance season, will begin to feel lazy and not motivated while not in normal dance class routine. Keep that body pumping and keep your dance skills up. Take summer class, time you spend in the dance room is never wasted.

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