Rehearsing For The Big Day

It is that time of year when things get very exciting at the studio. Costumes have been handed out and moms are sewing the necessary parts together. Special rehearsals are coming around and the soloists are requested to attend group classes that they will dance with.

At our studio we do a mini story ballet which opens up the second half of each year’s annual revue. Casting is in October and we begin choreography then. As the year progresses the story unfolds before the dancers eyes! Much emphasis is placed on this ballet, and the younger classes can’t wait until they are old enough to be apart of it. The dancers who are old enough to participate ask through the entire month of September what story it will be and when they will know the casting.

With all this effort and excitement that is placed on this particular part of the revue, I would like to talk about how you, the dancers, can bring your part to excellence. Whether you are a part of our studio or a different one, here are some tips to excel this recital/revue season…..

Work on your dance piece every day. To keep your character from getting stale you should become the best dancer you can possibly be. While practicing you must dance like you are dancing on the stage every time that you rehearse your piece. If you practice each time like you are just going through the motions, or walking it, this may show come stage time. If you practice each time with the energy and enthusiasm that you would use during a performance, it will be easier to do so on the stage. This may also prevent you from being nervous too.

Each time you practice have a goal in mind. Keep thoughts in your head like, concentrating on your spotting when it comes to the turn combination in the choreography or keeping balance better in your arabesques. Think of keeping up more energy during a quick allegro part.

While resting, try to visualize your steps. Think of your steps for each part you are in. This valuable method is also rehearsing. It is embedding your steps in your memory so when it comes time to physically do them, your steps will pour into your feet like second nature. I used to put myself to sleep each night while rehearsing this way.

Most of all remember this is the most exciting part of the dance year. Have fun. If you make a mistake on stage don’t let it show on your face. The audience will never know. Stay focused but keep it fun and you will be on your way to your best performance ever!

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