Ballet Center Floor – Petit Allegro

After Center Floor turns, the class progresses into Petit Allegro, which consists of small jumps. Combinations consisting of sautes, that is  jumps off of two feet, changements, which are jumps from two feet to two feet in fifth or third position, changing which foot is in front, and glissades combined with a connecting step. Sissones are also incorporated in Petit Allegro, which are jumps from two feet to one foot. Other jumps included are, jetes, jumps from one foot to the other, temps leves, jumps from one foot and landing on the same foot, and assembles, jumps from one foot where the legs “assemble” in the air. These are just a few types of steps included in Petit Allegro, there are many more to add to this list. All of these jumps except for sautes and temps leves may be “beaten.” This means that the legs close in one position in the air, then come apart again before closing in the proper position on the ground.

Petit Allegro combinations introductory steps, a step that initially introduces the combination such as, a chasse, glissade or just walking into one or more small quick jumps. It will also include a closing step to fifth or first position that will allow the combination to alternate to the other side. Petit Allegro differs from the Grand Allegro in that the movements are small vertical, darting or contained steps. Where as Grand Allegro movements use large vertical and horizontal traveling steps. Petit allegro combinations include directional changes. You will need to learn to control the transfer of weight between steps and during steps coupled with the change of direction.

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