Making The Most of Your Ballet Class



It can be very irritating when you can’t pick up choreography in class quickly. So, how can you make this class better when you don’t have the mental energy to even bother? Think about it…when you begin to feel sad, angry, upset, tired, or if you are letting the course of the day interfere with your class, think positive things about yourself.

 Keep thinking to yourself:

I have lots of energy,  I can do this.

I am relaxed.

I will get this step,  I am a good dancer.

I will learn new things in this class, today.

None of these thoughts have a negative in them such as: “I am not tired,” “I am not going to let this get to me,” etc. Keep your thoughts positive when things get annoying or difficult while you’re dancing. Never let the “outside world” interfere with your thoughts or your performance in class.

 Keep yourself focused on what is being taught.

Focus on counting to the music, new choreography, corrections and your place in line or formation. Keep in mind all of the corrections you were given in class by your teacher.

As you travel from step to step ask yourself:             

Is my foot pointed?

Is my leg straight?

Is my foot turned out?

Is my hip aligned?

                  Am I looking at the floor or looking up?

                  Is my arm in the right place?

                  Am I pulled up and balanced?

Ballet class or any dance class, for that matter, depends on what you put into it. If you continue to keep focused in class, after a while, all of your steps will just fall into place, and you will not  have to think about them. You should always be improving the quality of your steps, and the only way to do that is to think about what you are doing and make your own corrections.

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