What To Do With Your Hair While Dancing…..

As stated in a previous post; “If one is recognized by one’s clothes then a dancer who looks like one goes part of the way in convincing people that they are a dancer. If apparel proclaims the person, a change of apparel proclaims a different person.”

Not only change of apparel, but change of look and attitude. A look of determination, confidence and elegance should be the look of a ballet dancer. Hair is an important part of that look and feel. When you feel the position you will accomplish so much more in your class and rehearsal time.

One of the areas that bothers me the most as a ballet  teacher is messy hair in Ballet Class. As long as I can remember, I have always had long hair..long hair. Currently, my hair is past my hipline.  I work hard at keeping it in place while I am teaching. Dancers with loose hair is combersome for them to work with and sloppy for the teacher to look at. Flipping their hair while trying to stretch or worse yet trying to look through loose and flying hair  to keep a spot while turning. Girls in all ballet classes need to wear their hair in a neat and tidy bun or pinned up so hair does not obscure the neckline or get in the students’ eyes. The ballet bun keeps hair from flying in a dancer’s face; it also creates a clean, elegant line for the dancer.

Hair that lays on theback of the neck is hiding  that important view from the teacher. This is an crutial place for the teacher to make corrections on body placement.  If the neck, which is  the top of the spine, is not inline with the rest of the spine, your  balance will be off.

Some dancers have short, layered hair. This is where clips, bobby pins and lots of hair gel come into play.  A hard hair length to keep confined is when the hair is just neck level. This type of hair style will require lots of practice in keeping it confined. Possibly learning to French braid will accomplish this trying task. If you love to dance and take class several times per week, you may consider growing your hair to a workable length. This will make your dance life easier for you in preparation for class, rehearsal and performance.

Always remember…to feel like a dancer you must look like one!

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