Keeping A Ballet Journal

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           What did you learn at your last ballet class? Do you remember? If you don’t you could be waisting your time and the other dancers time that are in your class, and tuition money. Try to remember what you were corrected on in each class. It is important to remember corrections for your next class so you can prevent from making  those same mistakes again. Were your legs straight?  Did you plie when coming out of that leap? Were you spotting on those turns across the floor? Were your feet pointed in that jump? Do you remember the new allegro combination across the floor? What did your teacher correct on you in the center floor adagio. What was the new step added on the dance?

 All of the above questions could be easily answered by keeping a Ballet Journal. It could be just a small note pad, a composition book or loose leaf notebook. If you love to write and have keepsakes, an elaborate bound writing journal would be fun. If you love to use your computer, you can keep a file of corrections and combinations. When you are corrected on a step or combination, remember the correction, then after class, quickly jot it down. Try to include the correct spelling of the ballet terms.

 Writing always helps you  to remember things. It somehow imbeds those thoughts in your brain. And of course re- reading them will help in your progress. Reviewing your notes will make you a better dancer and you will be more likely to learn from your mistakes. By keeping a Ballet Journal, you can track your progress on how you are improving class by class. It might not seem like much at first – but pretty quickly, you’ll find that you can flip back to previous weeks and see how you have improved. The very act of writing what you have learned will keep you motivated to practice it.

One day, your Ballet Journal could be a very interesting historical document for you, by recording details of your ballet classes you will have what you have recorded for future reference. Your memory of your ballet classes may fade over time, but by recording your ballet classes on paper or in your computer, you can read what steps and combinations you have worked on last year or the year before and so forth.

A Ballet Journal will keep those dance memories alive……forever!

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