Dancing With Heart

If I had my choice of what I would like to do at this very moment, I would have to say teaching a ballet class. I just love walking into the wide open, bright dance room and seeing the wood floor scattered with rosin and dancers’ left over warm ups left from the night before. This sight shows me that hard work was accomplished in this room. A period of excellence was trying to come forward.

As I ready for each day of teaching dance, I think about who I will see for that day and what progressions we will accomplish. With my long hair pulled back tightly, black leotard on and warm ups covering my pink tights, I am ready for the day to begin.

Teaching dance is one of my passions in life. There is a simple joy of seeing a group of dancers in the mirror just waiting to see and hear what I am going to ask them to do next. Before the classes arrive I quickly review the steps taught in their previous classes. While I am alone in the dance room I have the opportunity to think of what we will do next. At times I am blank and not even an eight count combination will come forth. Even though I am alone I can not think because there are no dancers in the room with me. Then, the class arrives, and the music is playing, and spontaneously choreography comes pouring out! The dancers are the incentive for the creation we call choreography!

All through the class time I grin, looking at those attentive faces in the mirror. I feel as though I have been given a great gift from God. I doubt I will ever tire at the feeling the dancers give me as they travel weightlessly across the floor. The happy look on their faces when performing a triple pirouette or the beautiful 180 degree leap. The shout of “I got it!” when a complicated combination of steps is mastered!

Another heart felt thing about teaching dance is watching the pre-dancers in the mirror all doing something different……. simultaneously! As they walk into the dance room and place their prized dance bags on their “magic dot” along the baseboard of the room, they are so happy to be at dance school. Then they quickly run over to the barre and wait for me to call out their name for attendance. Of course at this period they are now swinging from the barre until authoritatively I ask for first position…. Once…. twice and most often three times! And finely get what I ask for….

All of this, pre-dance to advanced work is ballet in my eyes. The hugs, the smiles, and the love that a ballet teacher receives from her dancers is one of the most wonderful things in this stressful world. The feeling that you are offering them something that hopefully will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Something that will help them keep a healthy body and a sharp mind is definitely heart felt.

I love to dance ballet, I love to teach ballet. It makes me happy and I can’t stop smiling.

4 thoughts on “Dancing With Heart

    • If you practise hard, not miss classes and love ballet you will be on pointe someday! You both have almost perfect attendance so part of that is accomplished! Be determinded and focus on your goal!

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